Nobody really knows who first coined the phrase ‘money can’t buy happiness’, but it has really helped man live life better. But while those of us who have a limited amount of money may mock the sentiment, a study shows that it could be true.

It is proven to remove mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and would increase happiness by 20%. In other term, tackling mental health problems would be 4 times more effective in increasing happiness in life than reducing poverty. Reducing mental illness doesn’t have to pay any cost but in return, you get a lot to your life.

The investigation is done to find out the best ways of achieving happiness, reducing misery, and promoting wellbeing. Their report made several interesting types of research about the key principles of people’s life satisfaction goals and including many other factors. If you have strong mental health you are likely to be happy in life. You are more fulfilled and satisfied with the results.

Education has a very small effect on life satisfaction, compared with, other life decisions but it definitely has a great impact on your life goals and happiness, for example, having a partner.

When people examine their income or education, they generally have more than they should actually have.

The strongest factor in predicting a happy adult life is not children’s achievements but their emotional and mental health. Whatever you do in life if it makes you happy, it’s yours. There is also proved that schools have a big impact on children’s emotional health, and which type of school a child goes to will affect their emotional wellbeing as much as it affects their academic performance. Going to a school where there is a lot of malfunctionings like ragging and bullying is not acceptable and can affect adversely their mental health and future happiness.

Studies show that the things that matter most for our happiness our misery are our social relationships and our mental and physical health, in this mental health plays a bigger role in your happiness. A mentally disturbed person can’t achieve happiness in his day to day life.

Studies talk about how one can tackle mental health problems in society can actually save governments money as the economic benefits would be greater than the cost of the treatments of the mental illness. Happiness comes to those who stay healthy and stay stress-free.

From this, we can conclude that how important mental health for all. And mental health and happiness are correlated. It is better to work hard for better mental health, which is responsible for your happiness.

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