In the past, there was a time when everyone was trying for a job after schooling and stick to that until his retirement. Now in this competitive world, you need to concentrate on new opportunities in your workplace. It becomes easier due to social media marketing. But you have to keep track of opportunities at your work. Here we look at how to do it.


Nowadays the job market is different and no advertisement for the job rather the job is filled with personal information through ex-colleague, ex-boss or friends. Even networking, online, and in-person are options open to know what is happening in your field and available opportunities.


Referral system most of the companies adopting. They ask their employees to give references for vacancies available. You can explore this opportunity by asking your friends or relatives for any available opportunities in the firm he is working. For that, you have to create a working relationship.

Job boards and career websites

Many governments provide job boards and job banks that can be accessed for new opportunities. There are various career-related websites such as, Google for jobs, career builder, etc. gives us opportunities at our work.

Job fairs

Normally job fairs targeting specific industries, some jobs are generalized. You can keep your resume ready and wait for opportunities. Some organizations may even offer an on-site interview to candidates that match their requirements.

Company website

This concept of going for a company website is good if you have a dream organization in mind. Even you can create a list of good employers and you can search and apply on their website.


Many organizations hire recruitment agencies. This opportunity is also a good option. You can also search for opportunities like internships, temporary employment, etc.

The above few ways you can search for opportunities at your work.

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