· Walk or jog on stairs

If you get the chance to climb the stairs, don’t miss it. Walking or jogging on stairs is a serious way of cardio exercise. It gets your heart pumping and breathing faster. Avoid using lifts of your residential building or office building. If your office or apartment is on higher floors, use stairs as much as you can and then take the lift. Make sure to do a bit stretching before walking or jogging up the stairs. Skip one stair to increase the intensity and improve flexibility.

· Stair sprints

To do stair sprints run on the stairs as fast as you can and for as long as you can. However, make sure to be alert and not miss a step as it can cause a serious accident. Again this exercise boosts your heartbeat and breathing, even if you can do it only for a few minutes it’s a great cardio exercise. However, avoid this exercise if you have knee issues

· Stair lunges

Stair lunges are part of strength training. Lunges are quite easy on stairs. It is a great exercise that works on your glutes and legs. With stairs, it increases the intensity of the workout. Step your right foot up two or three stairs. Focus on pulling yourself up the stairs using your right leg. Push yourself up until your left leg comes to meet the right leg on the step. Repeat either on the same side or do alternative lunges.

· Stair hops and jumps

If you can’t run up and down the stairs, you can choose to hop or jump on the stairs. Again it’s a great form of cardio workout. You can either use a single leg or both legs for this exercise. Face the stairs, put your both legs together and jump on the next stair. It’s important to able to maintain balance with this one, you also take the support of railing if required.

· Stair push-ups and triceps dips

Running, jogging and lunges are going to work only on your lower body. To have a complete body workout, include push-ups and triceps dips in your session. You can do these exercises using stairs.

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