What are health affirmations?

Health affirmations, in particular, are simply affirmations centred around your health: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. They are a positive sentence you must keep saying to yourself in order to motivate you to take self-care and maintain your health and fitness.

Why are they necessary?

Words are powerful, they carry the energy and have the strength to change one’s mind. What you think and what you say has a great impact on what you do. The words you say to yourself can inspire you or discourage you depending on the words. Therefore, saying healthy affirmations can help a lot to improve your health both mental and physical. You will get the most benefit out of them if you practice them consistently. For some, this is an everyday ritual and for some, it’s only when they need a boost.

The mind and the body are connected, if your mind is healthy then your body is healthy and vice verse. The way we think, positive or negative affects the way we live and treat ourselves. If you think positive and affirm yourself that you are beautiful and lovable and should take care of yourself, you’ll automatically start taking care of your health. Any person who loves themselves can take care of themselves and their health. Therefore, affirmations are necessary to generate love for ourselves in our mind.

Here are some health affirmations you must choose to say.

1. This, too, shall pass.

2. I am happy, healthy, safe, and free.

3. I am courageous and not scared to keep going.

4. I am safe and protected.

5. I listen to my intuition; it always leads me right.

6. I am beautiful.

7. I believe in myself.

8. I am on a journey, ever-growing and improving.

9. My body is healthy and thriving.

10. I am strong and competent of great things.

11. I am doing my best, and my best is enough.

12. I am valuable and supported.

13. I am exactly where I need to be.

14. When I fall, I am encouraged to get back up.

15. I choose to be happy.

16. I am the sky, not the clouds.

17. I love you (do this one as you watch yourself in the mirror).

18. I fully accept and respect myself.

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