People who are music freaks already must be listening to music in the morning. They just do it because they like music! It also entertains you while you make breakfast and prepare yourself for the day. It puts you in a positive and energetic mood to face the challenges of the day. It makes you Dancy and gets rid of the laziness we might have accumulated. Here are some songs that will cherish your mind and bring happiness to you: –

  • It’s a beautiful day – Michael Bubble

The lyrics of this song literally tells us that it is a beautiful day and you have to smile about it. Once you hear it will be stuck in your mind for a while.

  • The Lazy Song – Bruno mars

If you had a tough week and want to sleep in for the weekend, start with this song. This song describes your weekend feelings altogether!!

  • Rockabye Baby – Clean Bandit

Truly an inspirational song for all the single mothers and also all the women.

  • Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now – Starship

As the name of the song suggests, nothing can stop you from achieving today’s goals!!

  • Escape (The PinaColada Song) – Rupert Holmes

This song only puts you in a good mood and makes you want to go to the beach and sit back relaxing whit a Pinacolada.

  • Spirit In The Sky – Norman Greenbaum

Listening to this song will take your spirits into the sky. It suggests you live your life fully and keep no regrets before death.

  • Stereo hearts – Adam Levine

With a soulful voice of Maroon5’s best singer Adam Levine, the song will make you dance and you heart pounce.

  • Good Life – One Republic

This song will only make you respect and thank God for the gift of life. You will understand that you have a good life.

Listen to these songs before leaving for work or college and you will be all happy and jolly. Your happy mood will let you work efficiently and have positive thoughts only.