Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Yoga, therefore, has many benefits. People from all over the world have now turned to yoga as their fitness regime. There are four purposes why yoga is being practiced for a very long time by people.

· To attain physical and mental balance

Practicing yoga asana has a great impact on your physical and mental health. Talking about physical health, yoga helps improve the flexibility of your body, it also helps improve immunity and blood circulation. With many other physical benefits, yoga is considered the best type of exercise for physical fitness. On the other hand, yoga asana is also helpful for your mental health. Yoga is said to calm down your anxious mind. Meditation an important part of yoga has a great impact on getting control of your mind and thus, controlling your thoughts becomes easier due to yoga.

· To purify energy

People who perform yoga asana know that we feel so much better after yoga while doing the Sava Sana than before starting the yoga. That is because The physical asana practice works to purify the energy in our bodies. As we begin yoga and move forward with the energy blockage at various parts of our body is freed and the energy starts flowing freely in our body, this is what called purification of energy. According to the “Hatha Yoga Pradipika,” this purification of energetic flow is really the main reason we practice asana.

· To unite with the divine

Yoga is also called as a union. The union with one’s inner self and the divine. Many religions people practice yoga to unite with the divine. This union is the ultimate purpose of yoga. To reach this oneness or union we need to go step by step beginning with yoga Asana, followed by retention of breath and then practicing mudras which are hand gestures and lastly the Nada, which listening to inaudible sound or the eternal vibration of the universe. To reach the last step requires lots of effort as well as concentration power.

· To fulfill our dharma

We all have arrived on earth with a purpose, we must keep evolving until we achieve that purpose. Initially, when we begin yoga, we might look at it as a practice separate from the rest of our lives. However, as you keep doing it slowly yoga invades in your life and you start realising the true meaning of life by trying to observe things keenly. This will happen if we involve meditation and yogic studies along with the Asana.

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