· Start your day right

According to Shilpa, you must start your day right. After waking up she has lukewarm water with lemon juice. According to her, it boosts your metabolism. She then freshens up and has her Breakfast. Skipping your breakfast is not good for your brain and body. Avoid eating breakfast, instead, eat fruits, muesli, oats etc. She includes fruits, muesli, almond milk and egg in her breakfast.

· Grow your own veggies

Shilpa loves growing her own veggies in her garden. Doing so she gets fresh and organic Veggies, whenever she wants. She also loves to cook her own food. According to her, you can’t trust the veggies you buy from the market and even the milk should be bought from a good source, to avoid health problems.

· Practice yoga

Shilpa is so good at yoga, her fitness says it all. Her love for yoga is not hidden. Every day she takes time to do yoga. She says yoga is a great way to strengthen and tone your body, both internally and externally. Yoga is a great way to find peace and calmness along with fitness. Meditation improves your focus, immunity and has many other health benefits.

· Fats won’t make you fat if…

Shilpa states that fats won’t make you fat, there are two types of fats good fats and bad fats. You just need to choose the good ones while eating. Eating good fats will help your body stay healthy and keep you in shape also.She says, Food like Coconut milk is wholesome and also works for those who are lactose-intolerant. She also includes ghee in her everyday diet. Even high carb fruits like bananas are really good for you. They are so easily available but most people stay away from them fearing they’ll make them fat!

· Eat healthily

Shilpa doesn’t believe in dieting and starving, instead, she keeps on eating the whole day. It’s just that she includes healthy and nutritious food in her diet. She also has a cheat day where she eats whatever she wants. According to her, starving or dieting doesn’t do any good to your body, you must instead eat as per your requirement but make sure it must be healthy from your body point of view.

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