· Think before you speak

Be prepared with what you are going to say. Even if you are going to speak something impromptu make sure you think a bit before speaking. Because what you say would be followed and there’s a high risk of messing up if you say something you shouldn’t or if your team misunderstood you. Be clear and prepared with what you say. Repeat if necessary.

· Give orders than requesting

Use ‘ I want you to do….’ Rather than ‘ will you please do…’ you are a leader of the team. You must not ask them if they can do the particular thing because when you ask there will always be a reason to not do. Everyone will want to do an easier task. A great leader will make statements instead of questions. To make sure there’s no opposition. But this doesn’t mean you should not take ‘no’ as an answer. If your team member genuinely has any issue, you must consider it.

· Make sure you are being understood

When you speak make sure that you are being understood. Be clear about your points, don’t talk unnecessary and unrelated things in between. This might confuse the team. Talk straight about the point, also keep your tone audible, your words understandable and your intentions clear. There should not be any confusion created in a team member.

· Give clear directives when possible

Whenever possible or whenever you know how a particular thing should be done, give clear directives to the team and don’t ask then to suggest or don’t just gives suggestions and ask them to figure it out. When you give directives it becomes easier for the team to complete the job quickly and effectively.

· Be respectful while talking

Don’t insult or offend any team member. Be respectful while you talk. Make sure you don’t disappoint any team member. Even if they have done a mistake, talk in private about it you can scold the employee but be respectful while doing so, avoid abusing the member.

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