As monsoon hits our desire to eat fried and oily food items also increase. It’s quite common in every Indian household to prepare pakoras when it starts raining. However, eating oily, fried food once in a while is ok but if you binge eat then it’s going to show on your size and weight. Your immunity also takes a dip during the weather change and it is essential to monitor your diet according to the season’s demands. Therefore, to help you out to lose those extra kilos you gained by eating here are some diet tips.

· Hydrate yourself

In monsoon season we hardly feel any need to drink water because we don’t feel thirsty due to the climate and humidity. However, it’s necessary to stay hydrated. Hydration makes sure the elimination of body toxins and it also has a great effect on weight loss. Instead of eating you can drink a juice or just water to deal with your untimely hunger.

· Eat the right snack

It’s ok to eat pakoras sometimes but don’t eat it almost every day. There are many healthy options for snacking during monsoon-like roasted corn, popcorn, roasted chickpeas with spices, fruits, etc. Make healthy choices of snacks which can help you maintain your weight and even lose some kilos.

· Sip on masala chai

Rains and chai are a great combination and no one can deny it. You can therefore definitely sip on masala chai as it is also very healthy due to the masalas go in it. However, make sure to keep a check on the sugar, try honey or jaggery instead of sugar.

· Eat lots of fruits

Monsoon comes with lots of monsoon season fruits like cherries, plums, pomegranate, melons etc. Grab on to these fruits and skip unhealthy food when hungry. Fruits are a great source of antioxidant that can help boost your immunity and prevent infections. Fruits also consist of dietary fibre and thus helps with weight loss.

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