Vipassana is a form of meditation that originated in India around the time of the Buddha. There is a 10-day Vipassana retreat, where the people are taught different ways of meditation. If you want to go for the meditation retreat, you have to keep away your mobile phones and all the worldly possessions. It is now one of the most widely practised forms of meditation in the world with over 200 centres worldwide delivered in 55 different languages.Vipassana has many benefits out of which few are listed below.

· Detox from life

During the 10-days of retreat, you are made to keep all your possessions and connection away at home and be present wholly in the retreat.You are not allowed any electronic devices, reading, or writing material. It’s quite a difficult thing to practice as we are constantly attached to these distractions in our life and we require to see them from time to time. Eliminating these distractions keeps all your concentration on your meditation practice. It also helps you leave a slow life and enjoy the beauty of slow and simple living.

· Better awareness

At Vipassana you are all by yourself, you have plenty of time to look at your positives and negatives. You become more aware of who you are, more aware of what you want in life and thus you awareness about self improves. You start reflecting on your actions and you begin to learn between wrong and right and that’s an epitome of self-awareness.

· Increased happiness

As you spend days away from materialistic things, you begin to learn that happiness is more about a calm and peaceful life. Happiness comes from within and if you are happy from within external factors can’t affect your happiness.

· Appropriate use of time

When you visit Vipassana, you learn to slow down the pace of your life. In our normal life, we often fail to actively listen to what people are saying, we only listen to what we want to listen and scrap the other things. However, when you start listening, you start focusing. We always feel we lack time but the truth is we don’t know how to make proper use of time. This place teaches us there is plenty of time we just need to use it appropriately.

· Calmer

The meditation and the lectures given over there teach you to stay calmer in stressful situations. They teach you to deal with your problems with a calm and peaceful mind without letting your emotions get in your way.

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