· Frame your speech and practice it

You must prepare your speech or presentation beforehand. And practice it well. It will help you remember the speech and you won’t get nervous. If you are not fluent with your thoughts turning into word, you must not take risk of speaking on the spot. A well-practised speech will have you be confident.

· Be confident

Confidence is very important while you speak. If you are not confident, you might miss out on things or say things more than required. Confidence gives you natural fluency. If you are confident, people would love to listen to you.

· Don’t use words like ‘uh’, ‘umm’ etc.

Words like ‘uh’, ‘umm’ are the sign of lack of words. When you are not confident and have not practiced the speech or presentation you tend to use these words. Many people do this unknowingly when they don’t remember what they are supposed to say and it often happens when you have framed a speech. So if you are framing it, practice it well.

· Modulate your voice

Modulation in voice is necessary to attract people’s attention and keep them engaged. If you keep the same tone of your voice, it is going to bore people and they would just pretend to listen they won’t understand anything. So to show your fluency there must be modulation in voice.

· Pronounce each word clearly

When you have practiced your speech you often try to rush because everything is ready in your head but in such case, you might mispronounce certain words or say it so fast that people fail to understand. You must go at normal speed so people at least understand what you are saying.

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