As humans, we all make mistakes and it’s ok to make mistakes what’s important is that you learn from those mistakes and never repeat them. However, many people instead of learning and moving on choose to play the blame game. They either blame themselves or someone else involved or the situation. It takes a lot of courage to accept your own mistake and move on.

Blaming is just another way of getting away with the mistake and not actually improving it. In the end, it affects the quality of life you live. It restricts you from living your life to the fullest, it stops you from making new mistakes and thus stops you from learning because there is no learning without mistakes.

Here’s how you can stop blaming and start enjoying life.

· Don’t be critical

If you are being critical with yourself, you are going to be critical with people around you, and most of the time without even realising it. Being critical means pointing out the bad things in yourself or others and judging them. Judging others is a waste of your own time, which could have been spent bettering yourself in some way. Instead, look for the good points in you and others and try to learn from them and improve yourself.

· Forgive

If you or someone else did a mistake, instead of blaming yourself of them try to forgive them for the mistake. Understand that mistakes happen and no one does a mistake on purpose. If it is done on purpose it’s not a mistake it’s a fraud. However, forgiving is the best way to stop blaming. When you don’t have anything against anyone the eventually you won’t blame anyone.

· Learn and Move on

Forgiving is another thing but if you don’t learn anything from your mistakes then it’s your fault. Mistakes happen for the first time but the next time you should not repeat the same mistake as it is expected from you, that you have learned from your mistakes. Learning and then moving on will help you avoid playing the blame game.

· Love yourself

Loving yourself is very important to stop blaming yourself. People who love themselves and have faith in themselves never waste their time in blaming self. They take the responsibilities of their actions and try not to repeat the same thing again and then move on.

· Seek help

If you still keep blaming yourself and you find it affecting your mental health, you should ask for help from someone. There’s a misconception that seeking mental help is a sign of weakness due to the social stigma around mental health.Seeking help for your issues is not a sign of weakness. In fact, deciding to see a therapist is a sign that you want to get better

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