Pranayam is a breathing control exercise. Pranayam is performed using different Asanas or yoga postures. It is a tool to connect body and mind. Your mind plays a vital role in your life. To control the mind control of breathing is very important. Breathing control is done through breathing exercises which are called pranayama. Beginners need to be cautious while doing pranayama.

Here are 4 types of breathing exercises (pranayama) for yoga beginners.

The first one is Bramari pranayama. In this, you have to seat in any comfortable position. Try to calm your mind by concentrating on breathing. Close your ears with thumbs. Close your eyes with three fingers and deep breath through nostrils and exhale with a humming sound like a bee. This pranayama is beneficial for hypertension.

The second one is the kapalbhati. This pranayama technique is considered to be the best breathing exercise. In this, you have to sit in any comfortable position especially Vajrasana. Close eyes deep breath and exhale with a forceful contraction of abdominal muscle. This pranayama is beneficial effects like stomach problems like acidity, gas-related problems. Also, it is beneficial for belly fat cure as well as it increases lung capacity. There are many benefits of kapalbhati.

The third one is alternate breathing techniques. In this same as above but you have to breathe in through one nostril and exhale through another nostril. This has the benefits of calming the mind by bringing harmony between both hemispheres of the brain.

The last one is Bhastrika pranayama which will bring your energy levels high.

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