Happiness is the one thing everyone desires, and we spend our lives pursuing it, but it appears to be becoming more elusive in this day and age. The word “happy” is thrown about a lot these days, and it appears in ad campaigns all over the world in an attempt to sell us more of what we so desperately want. Why does it feel like we are becoming more miserable in an age when we have all of the conditions to be happy?

Numerous obstacles keep us from being happy, but the good news is that we can overcome them all. Here’s a look at what might be preventing us from being happy and what we can do about it.

1) Chasing it down.
Here’s a shout-out to Shawn Achor, who gave a fantastic TED Talk titled “How to Be Happy.” Stop looking for happiness outside of yourself, is his bottom line and incredibly appealing advice. It’s a mistake to expect a new acquisition to bring you long-term joy. Sure, obtaining that promotion, pay raise, or becoming the top salesperson in the office will make you pleased.

Happiness based entirely on accomplishments, however, does not last long. Similarly, the myth that achieving the next high grade or dropping ten pounds will make you happy does not hold up in reality. Expecting a relationship partner to make you happy, for that matter, is unrealistic and unfair!

2) Comparing yourself to others in a negative light.
You will make yourself unhappy if you constantly compare yourself to others. Sooner or later, there will always be a faster gunslinger. Most professional athletes with reasonable expectations are aware that their great accomplishments and records will almost certainly be surpassed at some point in the future.

Constantly comparing yourself to a more successful coworker, family member, or peer, on the other hand, will devalue you and leave you feeling empty within.

3) Not having a grateful attitude.
Gratitude has been linked to happiness in numerous research. It is thankful people who are happy, not happy people who are thankful. Gratitude aids people in feeling more pleasant emotions, savouring wonderful experiences, improving their health, dealing with hardship, and strengthening their relationships.

The happier you are, the more you appreciate what you have (rather than what you think you should have). Stop feeling entitled, and you’ll feel a lot better. Instead of stating, “I deserve to be happy,” try expressing, “I value my life and appreciate what I already have!”

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