Abs, are abdominal muscles, which show up when you lose body fat and have 10% or less body fat, in order for it to show. Everybody deserves to have abs, but it’s a really slow process to finally have them. In excitement, we get into some mistakes which hinder the performance of our workout. Exercises should be done in a proper form, or it can harm your body in various ways. A solid abs workout can incorporate your major muscles of your abdominal area. Abs workout also works on your core muscles as well. The best way to do your exercises properly is, to have proper information and guidance about it. Exercising your abdominal muscles will strengthen them but doing regular ab exercises can help you make them abs visible and experience the extreme goal of your workout. There are various forms of ab exercises you can follow. If you want results it is mandatory to follow these abs exercises every single day.

A few of the most common abs exercises you can follow in your everyday workout routine to get the maximum results are as follow-

  • Plank – Plank is one of the best exercises to engage multiple muscles at once. It benefits your core strength and your abdominal muscles and has a lasting effect. It not only burns the fat around your abdominal area, but it also helps in giving you a good posture, helps you in flexibility and helps you tighten your tummy. It helps in building abs by daily doing it for as much time as you can hold.
  • Crunches and Sit-ups – Crunches and sit-ups help you built abdominal muscles and help you burn your fat around the belly area. You can define your workout into counts or may be according to the timer, whatever is convenient. You can start by doing 4 sets of 20 repetitions each. These exercises are again great for strengthening your core muscles and it also includes lower back muscles and obliques.
  • Leg raise crunches – This is a wonderful exercise for increasing the strength of the lower back and the core muscles. It also helps improve the stability of spin muscles and hips. When you keep your legs straight while raising it increases tension and applies pressure on your ab muscle. This helps in activating more muscle fibre in your six-pack region.
  • Heeltap crunches – This exercise is a basic reaching sideways to either heel and touching it in a continuous repetitive motion. The obliques are the main muscles which are worked during this exercise. It overall helps to work on the core and the ab muscles as well.

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