· Eat slowly

You should have patience while eating your food. Eat your food slowly while properly chewing it. Stay focused while eating and make sure you break down your food in your mouth only, so that it becomes easier for your stomach to digest your food and there’s no bloating or gas in your stomach.

· Eat more protein

People interested in fat loss should consider more protein intake in their diet.A healthy diet of protein every day will help you preserve more muscle mass and encourage your body to lose more fat. However, the intake of protein depends on your age, weight and gender.

· Reduce calorie intake

To lose belly fat or fat in general, cutting down calorie intake is very necessary. Every day we burn a certain amount of calories depending on our activities. To lose fat you must intake fewer calories than you burn. So avoid eating oily food and other food items that contain more calories.

· Delay your first meal

There’s a concept of interim fast, where a person eats for only 8 hours a day from noon to 8 pm in the evening. Delaying your breakfast as much as you can, this will help you lose fat faster. Though it is very much effective it is not easy for everyone. However, you begin slowly and try to improve day by day.

· Eat food that keeps you full

Avoid eating snack though they are healthy because they don’t keep you full and will eventually make you feel hungry. Instead, eat food that is healthy and low in calorie and also takes time to digest so that you don’t feel hungry quickly.

· Get more sleep

Sleep is very important to lose weight. People who lack sleep often gain weight. Along with a healthy diet, you must also get enough sleep, that is 7-8 hours a day.

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