Veggies are considered to be the most nutritional and healthy food of all the rest. They are rich with vitamins and fibre and scare with calories. But this fact doesn’t apply to all kinds of vegetables. Some vegetables may be unhealthy to consume. Yess!! It does sound crazy but it is true. We have been hearing and getting nagged to eat vegetables but his statement contradicts the other. Let us understand which veggies are unsafe for us: –

  1. Potatoes – Do you like French fries? Chips? Smashed potatoes? Who doesn’t? But, the same food items are made from potatoes which are rich in carbohydrates, the kind that our body digests easily causing a rise in sugar and insulin level. Scientists also link eating potatoes in causing diabetes.
  2. Onions – These crunchy gem-like vegetables are the main ingredient of almost every dish. From burger to curries and gravy to soups, every dish has onions. But onions contain some amount of carbohydrate namely fructan which causes gastrointestinal illness.
  3. Canned tomatoes – Fresh un-canned tomatoes are healthy and contain lots of nutrition. They also have cancer-fighting antioxidants. But canned tomatoes are exactly the opposite. The acidity from the tomatoes react with the material in the can called bisphenol-A and can be dangerous. So, consume your tomatoes correctly.
  4. Raw beans – Some beans that are eaten raw or cooked are still considered unhealthy for causing digestive problems. Kidney beans (red or white) contain phytohemagglutinin toxin causes gastroenteritis that leads to vomiting and nausea.
  5. Capsicum – Capsicum may add great taste to spicy food but they also lead to inflammation. Eating capsicums daily or large scale can cause arthritis and joint pain.

However, it is still safe to eat these vegetables once in a while. And if not, we can always depend on many other vegetables and fruits. Our end goal is to be healthy and fit. This information should help you increases your chances of being fit and healthy.