Why do I hate myself?

Many of us have the habit of comparing ourselves with others, which makes us lose self-esteem and start hating ourselves. We hate ourselves because we compare us with someone who we think is better than us and feel that we are good for nothing. You keep on focusing on your negative points and start ignoring your positive. Hating yourself can lead to depression and also self-harm. So if you feel that you hate yourself, you must immediately stop it. Here’s how to stop hating yourself.

How to stop hating yourself?

· Find what triggers you

There’s always something that irritates you about you, there will be something that triggers you and makes you think that you are good for nothing. That something can be a person whom you compare yourself with, it can be your failure or anything else. Find it out what triggers you, once you have recognized it you can find ways to overcome it.

· Challenge and reframe your negative thoughts

If at a moment you have a thought that you hate yourself challenge this negative thought with a question ‘why?’. When you challenge your negative thoughts you start to gain a positive perspective towards it. Try reframing your negative thoughts into positive one. Focus on what’s good in you.

· Notice and write down your good qualities

Whenever you notice you did something good, write it down. There are many good qualities in each person. If you cooked dinner, write it down that you can cook. If you are good at sports write it down. If you help people write it down. Writing your good qualities will eventually make you fall in love with yourself.

· Spend time with people who love you

Spend time with people who love you. It can be your family and friends when you spend time with them you will feel loved and when you are loved by other people, you naturally begin to love yourself. Your friends and family are the people who should matter the most. If they love you, there’s no reason for you to hate yourself.

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