Pessimist means a person who always thinks about the negative side it’s the opposite of being an optimist. We all are aware of the story of a glass that was half-filled with water. The pessimist says that it’s half-empty but the optimist says that the glass is half-filled. Similarly, the pessimist person looks at every life situation from a negative angle and always tries to find flaws and negatives in everything happening around them. Being pessimist restricts us from being happy and forces us to be depressed about things that are not even to be considered.

Signs that you are pessimist?

· You always think, “what if it doesn’t work out rather than what if it does?”

· Sometimes, you may be selfish and insensitive

· You find it difficult to forgive.

· You don’t get shocked when things go wrong.

· You get annoyed by optimists.

· You easily give up.

· You expect to get bad news.

· You engage in negative self-talk.

Here’s how you can stop being a pessimist

· Constantly replace pessimism with optimism, whenever a negative thought arrives to replace it with a positive one. Believe it or not but you can rewire your brain to change the thoughts you receive.

· Consider setbacks as an opportunity to learn, stop seeing setbacks as failures. Failure is not the end of the world and you would receive many more chances to prove yourself. See it as an opportunity to do something better than before.

· Do you know what will help you feel positive and stop being pessimistic? Being kind and doing good for other people. Helping people not only makes the receiver happy but also makes you happy and positive. Little positive actions from your side will help you become more optimistic in life.

· Energy can’t be destroyed but it is transformed into different forms. When you think about negative thoughts there’s a lot of negative energy created and you need to release it out and transform it into something positive, therefore take up some hobby or play a sport or exercise whenever you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts

· Surround yourself with people that emit positive energy. Surrounding yourself with optimistic people will keep giving you a regular check on yourself and help you get rid of negativity. If you receive negative thoughts because of people around you it’s time that you change the people you are surrounded with.

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