Meditation is a practice that helps you calm your mind and get control of your mind and body. Meditation also helps you be present at the moment and enjoy every minute of your life. Humans have been meditating for thousands of years now and it’s a great way to attain peace and calmness in your mind. If you are new to meditation here are a few secrets, you should know before beginning.

· Don’t overthink while meditating

Meditation means focusing on a single point, during this time you can either stop thinking and focus or you might receive many thoughts. If you start overthinking then you are doing it wrong. Meditation requires focus and extremely fewer thoughts in your head to be able to concentrate on your breathing. So while meditating don’t overthink.

· Don’t force anything

If you aren’t being able to focus on your breathing or yourself while meditating, don’t force yourself. Wait for a while and try again. If some work is disturbing you, complete it first and then start meditating. Forcing yourself to meditate will not serve the purpose and is a complete waste of time.

· Don’t think you can’t meditate

Many people have this perception that meditation can only be done by saints and sadhus, which is wrong anyone can do meditation and in fact, everyone should do meditation to practice mindfulness. Meditation has many benefits and is not at all difficult to perform. Therefore don’t avoid meditation by thinking you can’t do it.

· You can meditate in any position

Meditation doesn’t require to be seated ina particular position. Generally, we think meditation means sitting in a lotus position. However, it is suggested only because in that position you can focus better, otherwise, you can practice meditation while sitting in a chair, walking or standing. Meditation is as simple as focusing on your breath.

· It doesn’t require much time

Meditation doesn’t need to be of 30 minutes or 1 hour, it can be only five minutes and you can achieve focus and mindfulness in these 5 minutes.

· Mediation is about being present

Be present in whatever you do. When you are watching a movie, think only about the movie.You can meditate while doing your regular chores while talking to someone or by sleeping too. Meditation is basically practising mindfulness while you do anything. Focusing on one thing and giving your best to that particular thing. Be mindful and aware of each action you are doing.

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