Being happy is a blessing not everyone receives. People with all the riches are not happy and people who stay under the small roof are the happiest. It’s hard to time that we realise, Happiness is in small things, happiness never was in materialistic things and thus you don’t need money to be happy. All you need to be happy is being present at the moment and living it to the fullest. These absolutely free activities can definitely make you happy if you try to be present and enjoy it.

· If you have candles at home, especially scented ones light them up. The sweet smell will instantly add happiness in your day.

· Play with your pet or someone else’s pet or street animals whom you find cute. Spend time feeding them or just playing with them.

· Spend time with nature and appreciate it’s beauty. The sunset skies in beautiful colours, the greenery and other natural beauties.

· Watch a funny YouTube video, some funny falls or baby videos and I am sure this will instantly brighten up your day.

· Read a good book. Especially a fantasy book where you’ll have to imagine things and you’ll certainly get some positive thoughts in your head.

· Help someone, not necessarily financial help. You can donate your old books, your old clothes or toys and make someone’s day. Knowing that you are doing it for a good cause will certainly make you happy.

· Go on a virtual vacation, search for places you’d like to visit and explore them online, see videos and photos of that place and enjoy your virtual vacation.

· Take a nap, nothing more peaceful and satisfying than a good amount of sleep. If you are tired and bored just go to sleep and wake up fresh.

· Play games, not just indoors but outdoor games too. Doesn’t matter if you are a grown-up now. Playing your childhood games will absolutely make you happy.

· Listen to music, especially your favourite song. The calmness you receive is far better than just being happy. Music not only makes you happy but also makes your mind peaceful

· Dance quite often because when you dance you not only release your stress but truly enjoy the present moment. All you need to be happy is to enjoy the current moment.

· Spend time with your precious people in your life, like your friends and family. Quality time spent with them doesn’t cost you anything but can make you extremely happy and cherished.

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