The COVID-19 outbreak has greatly affected every nation on this planet. But that is not all, these changes in the world seem to last for at least the next 10 years. We as humans evolved and developed so rapidly with all the great scientific discoveries and inventions that it leads to a situation like this. The higher we fly, the higher is damage when we fall. Now we all regret that we should have stared the lockdown way before to avoid all the spread of this virus. But we were so busy competing with each other, that it didn’t even matter to us and we decided to take it lightly.

The biggest and most hurtful effect of this pandemic will be the loss of human life. About 900,000 individuals throughout the world have already lost their lives to this pandemic. It is such a pity that a deceased person has to completely isolate himself away from family and when he dies his family doesn’t even get to see or pay their last respects to him. Industries all around the world have been shut down for months now. Labourers and daily wage workers are starving to death due to lack of jobs. Produced food and resources are getting spoiled due to no sale of the products. Students are sitting at home wondering about their future. Large multinational companies are filing for bankruptcy after taking a huge loss in these few months. That leads to laying away employees and creating a jobless situation throughout the world.

Even if slowly lockdown is getting lifted in some areas, we will require to take constant safety measures. This pandemic may never end. We must learn to live with it. This virus goes way beyond minor precautions like masks and alcohol-based sanitizers. The only way to escape this is to find an alternate way of living. One that is totally different from what we have now. We will have to give up this lifestyle and switch to a different one, where maintaining social distancing is not a forced option. It sure cannot be achieved in just a few days, it will require time. A lot of people have gone through the reality of the situation, if we wish to avoid it, we may have to give up the life we lived before.