“I wish I had known that earlier” is our reaction most of the time. Sometimes it’s for petty things but sometimes it can be related to a serious topic. Lack of knowledge or experience can cause you loss in many different areas, you might lose an opportunity just because you didn’t know how to grab it. There’s no age of learning but certain things if known earlier are more beneficial than knowing later in life. Not necessarily lessons are learned from our own mistakes, sometimes you have to learn lessons from other people’s mistakes or experiences so that you get an advantage of it. Here are 8 lessons people learn too late in life, hope you are not too late.

· Your diet isn’t just what you eat

We have always been told that you are what you eat, true. But you are not just what you eat, you also become what you watch, who you follow, what people you surround yourself with, etc. So not just eat healthy also keep your atmosphere healthy.

· Important people are not necessarily permanent

Some of the most important people right now in your life will become strangers one day and people who are strangers now are going to be important, this is how life is going to be though it might hurt, as soon as you accept it helps you have quality people around you.

· Own responsibility for your future

We can’t change what happened in our past but we must definitely take the responsibility of our future. Our past mistakes should not affect our present or our future. Similarly, it is also our responsibility to make sure that our past doesn’t affect people around us. Just because you went through trauma doesn’t mean you should hurt other people around.

· Life is all about quality

Life is all about having quality above quantity. It’s always better to have two real friends than 100 fake ones. One quality experience is always better than 100 not so good experience. Always choose quality over quantity.

· You can’t make everyone happy

Your own happiness should be your only priority, always remember you can’t make everyone happy and if you want to be happy, you’ll always hurt someone. But if taking care of yourself, making yourself happy and loving yourself lets someone down then let them down, if they can’t be happy for you, you don’t need to worry about their happiness.

· Never let rejection affect you

Everyone faces rejection in life, you must take rejection with sporting spirit. If you start fearing rejection, you’ll decline many opportunities by the fear of being rejected and you’ll regret it later in life. Consider rejection as a part of life an move on try harder next time

· Don’t live your life on others definition life

Don’t let anyone else decide what fun means to you. Only you know what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing. Your fun belongs to you and therefore you are the one who should define it.

· Life is not anything like those in books and movies

Don’t believe in fairy tales and other movies and books, they are just fictional and nothing mentioned in the book ever happens in real life. If you keep waiting for your prince charming to come and take you to wonderland, you are going to be disappointed. So don’t expect life to be so perfect and neither is life so traumatic like that in books.

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