· Begin from Monday

Begin from Monday means don’t push your work on tomorrow. Do Monday’s work on Monday itself don’t push it on Tuesday or further. If you do so, you’ll have lots of work to finish on Friday and if you don’t you can’t enjoy your weekends. Make sure you complete all your tasks by Friday.

· Schedule your next week on Friday

Also, schedule your next week or Monday’s duties on Friday itself. So you don’t have to worry about it on weekends.

· Plan your weekend

Plan your weekends so you don’t bring up work in the middle of your weekend. Contact your friends or family and make a plan with them for the weekend. When you have your friends and family involved its likely you will forget about work and enjoy your holiday.

· Put your office phone on DND

Keep your office phone on DND and keep your colleagues informed about your plans forthe weekend. Also, lend them your contact details in case of emergency. Avoid reading any emails or group messages on weekends.

· Remember the purpose of work

Remember why you are working in the first place. Of course to earn money so that you can enjoy luxuries in life. So the weekend is the time when you can spend your money on what makes you happy. So don’t miss it. There’s no point in working and earning money if you can’t use it for yourleisure.

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