Listening to music while running can be considered as one of the best experiences. However, you can’t listen to music loudly and therefore need an earphone. Wired earphones create discomfort while running and thus using wireless earphones is the best option. These earphones work on Bluetooth feature of your mobile phone. Here are some amazing wireless earphones for you to choose.

1. Philips X2HR

Price- INR 26000- 27000

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2. SONY Wireless Headphones

Price- INR 3900-4000

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3. Apple airpods pro

Price- INR 24000-25000

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4. Redmi earbuds

Price- INR 1799

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5. Bose QuietComfort 35

Price- INR 29000-29500

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6. Boat airdopes 431

Price- INR 2600-6000

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7. Boat Rockerz 600 HD

Price- INR 1900-3900

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8. Mivi duopods M80

Price- INR 2999

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9. Philips Upbeat TAUT102BK

Price- INR 2499

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