Happiness trap is all about doing good or earning money. Many of us are so busy earning money that we forget to find the true purpose of life. The money surely feeds our mouth but what about the soul? It’s difficult to find a way to earn money where you can follow your heart, not your brains, where you love what you are doing and decisions are not taken by the sole purpose of earning money. It’s very necessary to find the correct balance between money and meaning to be happy.

Society pressures us to believe that external achievement is the key. If you attain enough money, status, power and all the other trappings of a burgeoning career, you will experience happiness. The trap here is external success and money can’t make you happy but how you feel internally can make you happy. The satisfaction of doing something you love and earning money through it makes you happy. It’s also necessary to mention, that if you are doing something you love but not earning money through it then it’s just a hobby and honestly won’t make you happy either. You can’t go completely on either side and stay Happy, you need to be in the centre and balance both money and meaning ( doing what you love)

How to win the battle between money and meaning?

The best way to win this battle is to find the correct balance. You must not get inclined towards money and success so much that you forget to live your life and enjoy it. Everyone needs to earn money to make their own livelihood. In fact, every human should indulge in some kind of physical or mental work that will help them their bread but earning money should never come in the way of your ethics and values. Happiness comes only when you know you can sleep peacefully. There are many millionaires who have earned money through wrong ways and thus can’t have a peaceful sleep at night. Without peace of mind, no happiness shall prevail. Therefore, earn money but stay true to your values. Spend enough time with your loved ones. Take care of yourself and try to find inner peace. That’s how you maintain the balance and win the battle between money and meaning.

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