· Communication is necessary

For every marriage to be successful, effective communication is very important. Both partners must be open about everything with each other. There must be no secrets, there should be transparency and clarity among both of them and this can be achieved only by effective communication. If couples don’t communicate among themselves, there would be lots of misunderstandings which will eventually lead to failure of the marriage.

· Gratitude is important

You must be grateful towards your partner for all the support, kindness and love they show you. Taking your partner for granted is the most common mistake, every couple does. You must always be thankful to each other and avoid taking each other for granted. Instead, try making each other feel special, beautiful and loved. Show them that you are grateful for your actions rather than your words.

· You can’t really change someone

Many people enter into a relationship with the motive to change the other person according to your requirements. Many people choose the wrong person in hope to change them into a right one but honestly, you can’t really change anyone unless they want to change themselves. So avoid getting in a relationship with a hope like this, you’ll definitely be disappointed with how your marriage turns out.

· Maintain your friendships

Getting in a relationship doesn’t mean you must leave behind all your friends and family. Even if you got married don’t lose the contact of your friends. Keep your friendship intact. However, make sure to set boundaries. Having friends in tough times like a divorce is very crucial, to take care of us and guide us well.

· Sex is quite essential

After marriage sex is quite essential. Many marriages end up in divorce mainly because of sex-related issues. For a marriage to last long, it’s important to have a healthy sex life. You must therefore regularly have a conversation about sex and other needs.

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