· Take a nature walk

Walking for a while is a great way to exercise and improves your blood circulation. Walking also enhances your mood. But to double these effects, why not take a walk in nature? Nature and its greenery is an amazing way to soothe and calm your mind and change your mood. Taking a walk in nature will instantly, make your mood happy and cheerful.

· Go swimming in a lake or sea

Another way to search happiness in nature is to go swimming in the natural pool. If you know how to swim you must go to a natural lake which is safe for swimming or you can also visit a beach and go swimming. Swimming can be a wonderful exercise as well as a fun activity if you take your friends along. The happiness that comes along while swimming in a natural pool is unmeasurable.

· Climb a mountain

Trekking! Most loved way of having fun with nature. Many people enjoy trekking a lot. Trekking with a group of people or even alone is a definite way of finding happiness. While trekking is a fun activity it also gives you different experiences and lessons. You explore a mountain and several small creatures inhabited over there. It’s a beautiful experience, if you haven’t gone for trekking yet, add trekking to your bucket list.

· Camping and stargazing

Camping in nature’s arms and stargazing at night is one of the most beautiful experiences you’ll ever have. Stargazing will teach you that nature isn’t limited to earth and space is a beautiful part of nature. Staying in a city, due to light pollution we could hardly see anything from space but when you go to a secluded place away from city lights in nature. You’ll see the most stunning sky you had ever seen and this will for sure make you happy and thrilled.

· Plant your own garden

The best way to stay in nature is to have a small part of nature in your house. Plant your own garden in your balcony, terrace or courtyard to always have greenery around you. Gardening can also be a stress buster, see your garden filled with flowers, vegetables and fruits will make you nothing less than happy.

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