Ever since school days, we have been taught that money can’t buy happiness. But again, buying a new pair of shoes gives you enough happiness to sail through at least a week. This is why it becomes obvious that we question how can’t buy happiness!!! Nowadays achieving your goals ultimately means earning as much money as you can. As a male, it becomes customary for him to earn a good amount of money to support his family and future parental life. Even a girl has to earn money to take care of all her needs. So, if you think, money does get you all the fancy items, expensive clothes and smartphones. People even start respecting and taking interest in your life, as long as you show your money. But you have to realize that, this is not real happiness!!!

A watch however expensive or cheap displays the same time!! A luxurious car only remains new for a limited time. Your new high-tech smartphone only remains advanced until a better version is launched. What stays with you all along is the kind of connections you make. You may dine at the world’s most expensive restaurants, but its meaningless if you have no company to enjoy it with. You can go on adventures and picnics but unless you have some good friends along, you can’t be happy!

So, money can buy you all the expensive things in the world but it cannot but friendship and love. Real happiness is enjoying your success with your family and friends. Celebrating your achievements with your loved ones, that is happiness. Money can only give you a temporary feeling of happiness, but that is just a deception. The people who admire you only because you have money, are not your real friends. When the time comes all the money in the world will be useless and worthless. You can afford the best doctor in the world to treat you, but only God holds your life. And when we finally rest in peace, all we take along with us is memories and the love of our family.