Exercise has a huge impact on your overall health. From fitness to beauty, exercise works for all. Exercise improves blood circulation and it in turn oxygenates your skin making it more beautiful. here are few beauty benefits of exercise.

· Promotes hair growth

When you exercise your blood circulation improves. The blood flow helps improve your hair health. The blood carries nutrients that can help the growth of your hair. Any form of exercise can help even yoga.

· Prevent acne

When you exercise you sweat a lot. Sweating lets out the toxins from your body and face. This in turn helps cure and prevent acne. Exercise also enhances blood circulation and provides more oxygen to the skin this also helps to relieve from acne.

· Glowing skin

Better blood circulation makes your skin oxygenated and provides nutrients and minerals after a good exercise. This gives your skin an instant glow. Also exercise helps prevent acne this helps you gain beautifully smooth and glowing skin.

· Reduces wrinkles

Exercise can act as an antioxidant and boosts your collagen level and elastin. Exercise strengthens and tones the muscle below the skin which makes your skin look healthier and younger. It, therefore, helps in the reduction of wrinkles and gives you firm skin.

· Better beauty sleep

Most of us are facing the problem of dark circles, aren’t we? This is because we don’t give much importance to our beauty sleep. Sleep is very important to improve your skin. Working out daily helps you sleep better. This in turn shows on your skin.