Karma affects our lives daily, all the situations we face are the result of our karma or deeds in past. Karma means action and every action has an equal and opposite reaction and it is the law of nature. Whatever action you do with whatever intention, you have to face the consequences immediately or in future. Karma doesn’t mean the outcome of bad action it can also be something positive. There’s a saying what goes around comes around. There’s this energy that somehow either punishes you or blesses you depending on your previous behaviour.

Law of Karma

Karma is a law and every living being abides by the law. Unless you are an enlightened human being karma does affect our lives. Karma directs your life and the circumstances within. The law of karma is the law of cause and effect. As you sow so shall you reap. Do good deeds, think good thoughts and keep your karmic cycle positive.

Why is Karma important?

Whether you believe in God or not, You will surely believe in karma. You yourself might have experienced karma in your life many times. You must understand that you constantly create karma from your actions and intentions. When you understand this you bring the necessary change in your behaviour. Karma is important to teach us that we can’t get away with the sins we have to pay for them. And if you want good to happen to you do good to others. Believing in karma and applying it in your day to day life can bring you happiness and inner peace.

At the end karma is all about intentions behind the actions. It depends on the intention behind the act then the act itself. Sometimes your actions can be cruel but your intention is not.