· Learn about sex

Before you decide to have sex for the first time it is necessary to find out about sex. Many things change after you have sex. There are going to be somebody changes, some emotional changes and also changes in your relationship. It’s quite important that you learn about these changes before deciding to have sex. About body changes, when the penis enters into vagina your hymen breaks and starts bleeding. However, it’s not necessary that you’ll bleed when you have sex for the first time. During sex, you also sweat and breathe heavily due to the physical nature of sex. Your vulva might look swollen due to excess blood flow, however, your body will go back to normal after sex.

· It will hurt

Sex hurts! It hurts the first few times for most of the women but becomes smooth after a few times. Be mentally prepared for the pain as it won’t be surprising for you. To avoid pain use lots of lubrication if you are not naturally lubricated. Lubrication helps the penis to move in smoothly without causing much pain. But when the hymen breaks it will hurt a bit for a while.

· Use protection

Unless you are trying for a baby it’s recommended to use contraception before having sex for the first time. There’s aa common myth that says you don’t become pregnant when you have sex for the first time which is totally false. You can get pregnant anytime if you have sex. Even if you have sex on safe days, still there are chances of getting pregnant. So use protection to avoid getting pregnant.

· Do it with the right person

The first time is the special one do it with the right person! No one should judge you for having sex with some random person but the first time is a special one and should be done with a special person. The right person will understand you during the sex, he will stop if you are in pain. It’s not that easy the first time, so only someone who understands you will be the right person to lose your virginity.

· Go slow

Go slow, take time to explore each other’s body, indulge in foreplay as foreplay helps in lubrication of women as well as men. Take things slow and enjoy the moment. Don’t rush as you might hurt or get hurt.

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