Comparing friends with books is a great example to let us know how important are our friends to shape us, inculcate the values in us and help us learn new things. One good friend and you know, you will always have someone to help you, someone to support you and someone to guide you through the journey of life. Your one good friend might teach you many good things in life which you might only learn if you read all the books from the library.

Why are friends similar to books

· They don’t make us feel lonely

Our friends are always there with us no matter what. You’ll never feel lonely when you have a great friend. They make sure to make you feel better whenever you are a bit down or sad. A good friend will never leave your hand in difficult times, in fact, will hold your hand tight and will motivate you to overcome the difficulties.

· They teach us good values and motivates us

Just like books even a good friend teaches us good values and ethics. Their behaviour towards us and others teach us a lot, we just need to keenly observe. Everyone has at least one good friend who motivates you when you fail. Who helps you rise up and shine. Whenever you fail, your friend will always be there behind you to support you and guide you well.

· They help us interact

Because of friends, we learn how to speak confidently to someone who is not our friend or family. They teach us to interact with people. This is because when we spend time together our knowledge increases, it later helps us while having conversations with people and making our interactions more impressive. Same goes with books because reading too improves your knowledge and gives you the power of interaction.

· They improve the quality of our lives

It is said that you become like someone you surround yourself with so choose your friends wisely. Which means our friends have a great impact on our life. Their behaviour, values and words affect our behaviour, value and words. Therefore, having a good friend is very essential to develop ourselves and improve the quality of our life.

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