Staying motivated is the only thing we can do to help ourselves during this pandemic. It has been affecting our mental health a lot. Since most of the people don’t have any source of income. Businesses are suffering hugely. This situation is indeed quite depressing for many of us. But you need to stay motivated and keep going because everything is going to be fine someday. We are going to fight against this situation.

How to stay motivated? Follow these tips.

· Continue your daily routine

Now that you are stuck at home, you might want to wake up late and laze around doing nothing. But it can be very demotivating after a certain time. Instead wake up in your regular time follow your regular routine. If you have work from home, set your work time and engross yourself in work to stay away from negatives.

· Spend time with your hobbies

Besides work make yourself time to follow your hobbies. Do what you love and couldn’t due to lack of time. Dancing, painting, writing etc. If you don’t have any hobby develop one during the lockdown.

· Stay connected

Stay connected to friends and family through social media and over call. Whenever you feel lonely contact them talk to them. This will make you feel motivated.

· Have fun and relax at home

Enjoy your time at home. Have fun with your family members, play indoor games, exercise together. Have a chatting session with your family to talk about your childhood and funny moments of your life. Staying happy Is the best way to stay motivated.

· Stay away from the news

Constantly listening to the news can be depressing, so try to stay away from news. But it’s equally important to stay updated. So keep yourself updated by reading daily newspapers.

· Sleep more.

Sleeping helps our brain to relax. Be strict about your sleep, lack of sleep can cause many health problems and also weaken your immunity and you cannot afford to fall sick during this time.