Through many years of life, we have lived, we have experienced many events, we have changed, grown, etc. Over the years things are not the same there are many things that changed in our life. However, we never look at life this way. We just think about near future and past and live our life. We often forget that the events in our life are connected and they are responsible for the person we have become. But we never look at the bigger picture of our lives because we can’t really remember all the events and connecting them with each other is even more difficult. Writing journal this becomes important to maintain the record of all the major events in our lives. It helps us gain mental clarity and keeps reminding us about the change we have done through. Here’s how the journal writing changes your life.

· Journaling helps you connect with your valuesand

Writing down what your beliefs are, what you think is right or wrong, your values and morals will help you stay connected to it. Whenever you feel confused or decide to compromise open and read your own beliefs and values and this will help you decide what you should do and what will give you happiness. It’s important that you mention everything in your journal from why you do to what you do to how you do, everything that makes it easier to declutter everything in your head.

· Helps to keep a track of your overall development

If you are writing a journal for over long time now, you’ll understand how much you have changed as a person. We forget to look back and around in life to notice the changes happening or already happened but journaling helps you keep notes of everything, so own day when you look back and check the journal you have clear picture of your development.

· Improves focus and clarity

When you write down things on paper, the mental clutter starts to clear and sort down. If you are overwhelmed by tasks or thoughts try writing them down, slowly things will become more clear and also declutters the kind giving it space to store the solutions to the problem. Even in maths, when you write down the problem it becomes easier to solve then clenching the problem in head and trying to find a solution this is because we fail to focus but as soon as we write down our focus is only on the how-to solve it and thus makes it easier to find the result.

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