People usually try to look into their negativities, flaws and insecurities more than the positive things in their life because it’s easy to focus on bad compared to good in your life. Mostly in today’s world, we are carried away by social media, where we watch other peoples life and compare our self with them and eventually grief about your life being dull and boring or blame our self for not being well-versed with life. You are so caught up comparing your life with others that you fail to look after yourself or take care of yourself and end up being depressed. Every person is imperfect in their life which might look perfect to you and because of which you try to change your life and make it like theirs but they might be thinking in the similar way about you as well.

Under all this processes of life we really forget to embrace what we really are or what wonderful things we have in life and to love ourselves the way we are. Loving yourself can help you boost your self-confidence, positivity and also help you know your real worth. Some people try to find love outside in other humans but fail to love themselves. The key to fall in love with someone is to first love and accept your life. Loving yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself. Once you learn self-love you will happier in your life and learn to prioritize yourself first and mainly stop thinking what others might think of you. What you think of yourself is more important than what other humans think of you.

Here’s how you can love yourself.

· You are never going to be perfect, so love your imperfections and consider them beautiful.

· Be present and enjoy every moment that comes to you.

· Don’t ever compare yourself with the unrealistic standards set by society, nobody is as they appear to be. Comparison brings unhappiness.

· Keep a check on your emotions, often peep into yourself and observe how you feel about certain things. Whether you are stressed or sad or in love keep a check on it. You should always be aware of your feelings.

· Practice gratitude, bee thankful for all the nice things and bad things happened to you.

· Surround yourself with positive-minded people

· Eat healthier food and exercise daily

· Never forget to practice self care

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