There are many ways you can practice mindfulness in your day to day life. We are often insisted or advised to practice mindfulness in our life. Why is it so? Why is mindfulness so important?

Mindfulness is nothing but the human ability to be fully present and aware of where we are and what we are doing. It seems easy but it is not we often lose touch ourselves after our mind takes flight to the different world basically, we are either thinking about the past or the future. Therefore, mindfulness is the necessary practice but how does it help us? Mindfulness helps us in the following way.

· Stress reduction

Mindfulness means being present and not thinking about the past or the future. Which means it lets us live in the present and enjoy it fully. When we think about our past or our future we are stressed the most. With mindfulness, we can stop thinking about the things that are not in our control and thus our stress can be reduced a lot by helping you relax and stay calm.

· Improves focus and resilience

Practicing mindfulness helps improve focus and resilience. The stability we get through mindfulness is very important to lead an intellectual life. Resilience and focus is an important skill required to cope with daily struggles and develop emotionally and psychologically. It helps us to be the best at whatever we do be it studies, office work, business, household chores or even exercise.

· Reduced anxiety, negativity and emotional reactivity.

Mindfulness helps us stay calm and relaxed which is very important for people who face anxiety issues. Anxiety and negativity can even lead to depression and other severe effects. There are people who get anxious at very silly reasons, their mind is full of negative thoughts all the time and they often react to things with lots of emotions, which can be harmful to their mental health and thus mindfulness can be the best way to deal with all of these issues.

· Improves wellbeing

When you focus on your present and try to make it more meaningful, it will definitely exhibit on your health and well being. Your well being will be improved a lot as it motivates us to take care of ourselves, it helps us be at peace, stay calm and relaxed and more importantly enjoy life and it is all responsible to have a better well being.

· Enhanced ability to deal with illness and better recovery

People suffering from chronic or even terminal illnesses can find help through mindfulness. It may not take away their symptoms but makes it quite easy to manage them. Mindfulness enhances the patient’s ability to deal with illness and thus increases the chances of recovering better and faster.

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