Being single is not appreciated by anyone, of course everyone wants a partner who can understand them, take care of them and love them. Despite all these benefits of being in a relationship there are many cons too. Everything changes once you are committed or dating someone. Suddenly your personal space isn’t personal anymore, you always have to be in contact with your partner and much more, still people love being in a relationship because of the benefits but being single is not bad either. There are many perks you can enjoy only if you are single. Here are some of them

· You can flirt with anyone you like without fear of breaking up or hurting your partner. Well, flirting can enter into an awkward situation if you are romantically involved and the person develops feelings for you and if you have an insecure partner then the situation might get worse. On the other hand, if you are single, even if you get romantic feelings for each other you don’t have to fear anything.

· Studies have shown that once a person enters a relationship he or she gains weight. That’s because of the feeling of security, less stress, frequently eating outside and not getting enough time to workout. Well if you are single, you won’t gain weight and you’ll also have time to work on yourself and to improve your physique as well as personality.

· Love can be both beautiful and destructive, if you have ever gone through break up you know that it’s not easy to deal with all the emotional baggage and pain. Being single helps you stay away from such kind of pain and trauma.

· Whether you realise it or not when you are in a relationship, you automatically get dependent on another person. You avoid doing jobs on your own and need constant support from your partner, well, it’s not wrong to do that but being too much dependent on someone can create the chances of manipulation in a relationship. However, if you are single you are definitely going to be independent and the feeling of being on your own is special.

· No matter how many times your friend about to get married says, ‘we’ll stay in touch’ we all know once the person is married they hardly stay in touch with their friends. Perks of being single is you can stay connected to your friends, travel with them whenever you want without having to ask someone and do whatever you want to do.

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