Depression stemming from a hectic work life is common nowadays. And this leads to overwhelming stress, fatigue, and a sense of hopelessness. However, did you know that some habits are common in depressed people? As per psychologists, there are common habits of more depressed people which you must know.

1. Waking Up Late: Most people get up late, which is not good, but they can’t break this habit. Waking up late in the morning makes you feel lazy, and you find it difficult to start the day.

2. Procrastination: Another common habit is postponing work. Those suffering from depression postpone work to do it later, and in the end, they exceed the time limit, which drags them into another problem.

3. Poor Lifestyle: A chaotic lifestyle is another sign of a depressed person. They find it tough to manage their time and often postpone tasks. Living is a poor, systematic lifestyle; everything goes wrong.

4. Social Media: Using social media excessively makes the depressed person even more depressed. They tend to spend too much time scrolling and thinking about unnecessary things.

5. Comparison: Average people compare themselves with others. They feel jealous of the other people’s success and happiness.

6. Self-doubt: Doubting one’s ability is the other sign of a depressed person. And this makes them fail in what they do.