Parenting plays an important role in shaping a better person. In the journey of parenthood, understanding children’s needs and expectations is crucial for nurturing a strong bond. And if you are facing issues connecting with your child. Here are a few common things that children expect from their parents.

1) Empathy: Very commonly, children expect their parents to emphatically support their opinions and needs and acknowledge their identity and point of view. So try to understand how your child thinks or has a mentality.

2) Understand Shortcomings: When a child is growing, they will make mistakes and learn from them. But they should feel free to make mistakes without the fear of shame, guilt, or punishment. They desire empathy from their parents.

3) Social Acceptance: Children expect their parents to recognize the importance of their peer relationships and acknowledge that friendships are important in life.

4) Validation: A child is only concerned about what their parents think about him and not anyone else. So understand them, and if they fail, help them morally to bounce back stronger rather than making them feel worthless.

5) Support: A child looks for unwavering support. They want their parents to always have their backs so that they can be free to explore, learn, and achieve.

6) Discussion: Often, parenting in Indian society is restricted, and a child is not allowed to express his ideas freely or discuss anything. But this may lead to problems. So, allow your child to express and discuss ideas and topics to better understand and make good decisions.