There are lots of conflicts and fights going all over the world. Right from individuals to family to society. There are also fights among countries. There may be various reasons for this but the ultimate solution is peacekeeping. Peacemaking helps to maintain harmony among all individuals as well as countries. Here we look at the value of peacemaking.

Peacemaking comprises activities involving the people or groups or countries to come together and out with a solution that will give long-lasting peace among them. Peacekeeping is a healthy way to stay in peace and harmony with the neighbors and with the other civilians of the nation. There can be conflict on the silliest things, but keeping peace with it is the easiest way to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. Peacekeeping is important to have a good bond with the people around you.

The research found that peacekeeping reduces civilian and battlefield deaths. In the peacekeeping process, lots of activities can be initiated with mutual understanding. Let’s have a look at the family fight. If there’s a continuous fight in the family all progress gets disturbed. The relationship gets hampered. All this and other all problems and conflicts can be resolved through peacekeeping missions. Peacekeeping has much importance in human life. Even for all conflicts and other issues, UN peacekeeping mission working. It is important that peacekeepers are able to do their best in carrying out their mandate of protecting their civilian. Peacekeepers help stabilize nations through democratic elections, prevent violence, and disarm ex-combatants.

Overall peacekeeping mission has a great value. It surely will lead all individuals as well as all society irrespective of their religion to harmony.

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