In the intricate dance of romantic relationships, lies often intertwine with good intentions, aiming to maintain harmony and prevent discomfort. Many times, partners lie to keep the relationship going. Here are common lies that couples say, and you must understand them to know your partner better.

The most common falsehood uttered by couples is, “It’s Okay, I don’t mind.” This sentence is often used to avoid arguments and maintain peace. Whether wearing a red or black dress, partners often compromise their opinions to make the other feel good. So, it is the responsibility of both individuals to prioritise each other.

The second phrase is “I’m not upset.” Couples may hold their emotions because they fear this may ruin the peace and contentment in the relationship. However, always try to express your emotions more maturely and respectfully.

The third common lie is “I’m just tired.” It is used as an excuse to escape addressing the underlying issues or concerns and avoid awkward conversations.

“It’s alright. I forgive you,” Well, this phrase is used to finish the topic and let go. But in reality, individuals may still need more time to let it go.

Individuals often say, “You deserve better/ you can’t handle me,” and this is because they feel dull. In this situation, your partner needs you the most, so understand their feelings at this moment.

Well, there are many other common lies couples tell each other but these are popular.