· Avoid thinking about them

It’s kind of impossible to completely forget about your first love and honestly, there’s no need to forget a person. You just need to stop feeling for that person. To do that you must avoid thinking about him/her. Only when you replace their thoughts with some other thoughts you will be able to get over the feeling. If you are emotionally hurt and you want to cry, you must cry and express yourself to someone else but keeping your feelings to self and constantly thinking about it won’t let you move one.

· Focus on the present

Focus on today, what is gone is gone and cannot be changed. Convince yourself that some people are just there for a short period of time in your life and they were never there to stay. Instead of thinking about the past, focus on today. Make your today and future a better place for someone else who will arrive to stay in your life forever.

· Acknowledge love does happen twice or thrice

There’s a common myth between people that love only happens once, the fact is love can happen many times. You might love someone a little more than the previous one but that doesn’t mean the previous love was not true love. Love is a feeling which can come anytime for anyone. So stop blaming yourself for not being able to hold on your first love. There is someone who will love you more and will never leave your hand, search for that person.

· Reflect on your memories and lessons you learnt

Avoid thinking about the feelings but it’s ok to reflect on your memories. You’ll now realise that there were many things wrong in your relationship. There were many things you had to compromise for someone you loved. Your first love teaches you many lessons. The first feeling of love should always be cherished. So keep them as memories, don’t let these memories affect your life.

· Spend time with yourself before dating again

To move on many people choose to start dating someone else, but before doing that you must spend time with yourself. Know and understand yourself. Evaluate your behaviour, decide what kind of men you would love dating, what qualities you want in someone you will be in a relationship with. All these things will help you find the right partner and also help you understand your needs better.

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