Watching a kid run around the house and play and giggle all the time makes us feel satisfied and happy. Having a pet in your life gives you a similar feeling. Be it a dog or a cat, or a bird, having a pet adds joy to our ordinary lives. This fact is studied and proven to be effective through research and experimentation. People above the age of 45 with pets are more likely to be happy than people without pets.

  • Affection – When life throws trouble in our way, we are more prone to be angry and irritated for silliest reasons. Some of us might even possess natural anger issues. Well, however aggressive you are, your dog or cat will always show affection towards you, expecting nothing but pats and a littler pampering in return. They are a living soft toy. They are cute, adorable and selfless. They make us affectionate towards others.
  • Makes you frisky – As cute and adorable they are, pets can be a little dense sometimes. Dogs or cats can drawback predators like snakes or scorpions without considering the danger or personal safety. They just race towards anything to protect us. That keeps you on your toes to avoid them from rushing into a threat. Dogs also become antsy if they get bored inside. You have to take them out for a walk and that, in turn, is cardio for you.
  • Responsibility – Having a pet makes you realize that now you are responsible for another life. You have to constantly look after them and be attentive. Providing them with food, bathing them, visiting the vet once in a while, all this makes you responsible. This helps you grow up and take responsibilities in your family and your workplace.


  • Emotionally strong – Having a pet gives you a sense of purpose. The feeling that your pet needs you, makes you value yourself. You also feel supported and helps get rid of loneliness. You have someone to care and love.

Looking after your pets might not be easy at first, but you learn. It is worth how much love and affection they give you. They remind you to smile and be happy. So, if you are lonely and stressed get a pet!!