Having a pet is always blissful! Isn’t it?

Pets are considered to be a part of our home. Having a pet can reduce your anger and make you calm. Pets help lower your stress and increases the levels of the feel-good chemicals serotonin and dopamine in your brain. Having a pet helps you handle stressful situations in life with great ease and helps you relax. Pets are better than humans, it is said. They don’t break your heart or leave you in your bad times. They always are there for you and love you unconditionally. They help in lowering down blood pressure When you have a dog or cat, a relaxation hormone is released that helps soothe and ease any stress. It also potentially lowering your blood pressure and give you a happier life.

Here are a few reasons why pets make you feel the happiest

  • They never leave your side

No matter how many people come and go in your life, your pet will always be there for you. It will always be there to welcome you back from the office or college or school and will always wait for you. They’ll be there through all the good and bad times of your life. Cuddling them will surely help you with your everyday stresses.

  • They always entertain you

Pets are always a great source of entertainment. They always surprise you with different new hilarious moves or techniques they learn every day. They always try to be a part of our life. They are always curious about your mood, if they detect any negative energy they try to fill in positivity

  • They reduce stress

Having a pet makes your life happier and more stress-free. They always show affection towards you and stroking them helps you lower your blood pressure. Playing with them releases happy hormones in your body that make you happier each day despite all the other odds.

  • They help you stay active

They always keep you active and fit. They’ll always tell you to play a little with them or go for a walk with them. Running with your pet dog or cat can be counted as a good cardio exercise.

  • They are always comforting

They never fail to comfort us, they are always up for a hug. If you are feeling low hug them and you’ll feel a lot better. They’ll brighten up your day by just being themselves, and showing some new moves they got.

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