Weight loss science is not a tough study. It has attributes that any normal individual without any PhD or master’s degree can understand. Firstly, it requires low-carb and low fats diet since fats are what makes you look obese and adds extra weight to your body. Second is to exercise daily and burns more calories than you consume. You cannot depend on diet alone; you have to work out and perform some cardio exercises to lose some fats in the process. All these are general facts everyone knows but did you know consuming high amounts of protein can help in losing weight too?

 Here are 5 ways to learn how protein helps in weight loss: –

  • Regulates weight controlling hormones

Our brain is habitual to actively regulate weight. The brain receives different types of signals from our body to determine when and how much you should eat. Most common signals are the hormones that change according to our diet. By feeding on protein and avoiding carbohydrates and fats, we reduce the hunger hormones and train ourselves to eat less. In short, consuming protein automatically helps you in consuming fewer calories.

  • Protein uses calories to digest

When we eat food, calories are burned in order to digest and metabolize the food inside us. It’s called the thermic effect of food. Research has shown that protein has a higher thermic effect while digestion than carbs and fats have. Which means only some number of calories are left for the rest of our body since some are used in the digestion of protein.

  • Protein reduces hunger level

 Eating more protein-based foods help you remain less hungry. Hunger and cravings are your worst enemies if you are looking to lose weight. Another big factor is the late-night snacking. When you eat or snack late in the night, you are only adding more calories to your daily limit which you have already reached after dinner. Protein can greatly reduce hunger levels and cravings at night.

  • It pushes calories out without conscious

Protein helps in reducing the calorie intake while digestion. But it also eliminates the calories that are already inside our body. A decent amount of calorie intake is associated with a reduction in belly fat and harmful fat that grows near our organs.

  • It helps burn more calories

 Because of the high thermic effect, more protein tends to improve your metabolism. It helps you burn calories even while you are sleeping. To be precise, a higher protein intake helps you burn 80-100 more calories than average.

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