Our day to day life can be busy and hectic and at times mind-boggling. Sometimes the day is so tough that just the idea of bringing inner peace to our life seems dreadful. Our tired and exhausted self cannot think of doing anything but actually do nothing and lie-down. But we are ignorant of the fact that small and smart gestures in our life can affect our positive self greatly over time. All we have to do is pick up some hobbies of our interest and spend some time on ourselves. Here are some hobbies that will help you obtain peace: –

  1. Woodworking or Crafting – You might need some training with handling tools be able to perform this activity. You can start by creating simple and effortless items made of wood like walking stick or ladles. With time you will learn to make more complex and difficult objects and this will make you feel accomplished.
  2. Language learning – To some, it may sound boring but for some, this is really fun. Learning a new language is fun because it allows you to deliver normal sentences in different ways that maybe only you understand. It maybe is annoying to others but it will make you feel good to explain it to them. Try learning the language of the place that you always wanted to visit someday, it will come in handy.
  3. Photography – When we hear the word photography, we immediately think about a DSLR camera. But smartphones today, come with cameras that can allow you to take glamorous shots with high resolution and clarity.  It makes everyone smile when they are told: “You take awesome photos”. So, one can try photography to be free of stress.
  4. Cooking – Some are born chefs and some are terrine at cooking anything. Irrespective of that, cooking can effectively help tone down the negatives of the day. It’s always a pleasure to be the one who spreads a fresh aroma of delicious food.
  5. Reading and writing – It doesn’t always have to be a novel or a book. One can always read magazines, the jokes section in the newspaper or anything else that gives pleasure. As long as it makes you happy it doesn’t matter. You can also write something yourself. Explore your capacity, try writing poems or stories. You will never know if you are good unless you try.
  6. Art – Anything can be an art. All you have to do is put your whole and sole to it. Try learning dance from online videos or music videos on TV. You can also sing if you have a soft voice. Drawing and painting are always on the table. If you were good in drawing class back in your school days, revisit that experience.
  7. Meditation and Exercise – The best way to obtain peace is by being healthy and fit. Meditate after getting back from work and relieve yourself of all the stress. Perform yoga for better flexibility. Exercise to maintain your shape and control your weight. If you are always healthy, you are already close to being peaceful.

  Peace is an expensive feeling as it is never easy to attain it. Chaos, on the other hand, is easily available around us, irrespective of whether we want it or not. But if you begin with small changes in your life and start by doing things that you like; you will be helping yourself with the power of inner peace. However little, peace is peace and it’s extraordinary!