Human beings are trying their level best to be happy forever throughout his life. Sometimes we need success to be happy, sometimes happiness is elusive. Undoubtedly there are many small and big ways to be happy. Here we discuss 10 unexpected ways to be happy instantly and to live a joyful life.

  • The first one is to do cultural activities. You can try seeing a play or can head for museums. That will surely will boost your energy levels. And will give happiness. Study shows those who involved in cultural activities tend to happier.
  • The second one is to keep a diary and re-read it. If you have a habit of keeping a diary and writing so many incidents and after a long time if you reread it allows you to be happy.
  • The third one is to learn something new. Learning something new whether it is music or any art or any creative things will give you happiness.
  • The fourth one is to celebrate the strength and recognize weaknesses. When we are working on strength and putting efforts to develop natural talents there is scope for happiness.
  • The fifth one is to prepare for the worst hope for the best. Always we have to be prepared for the best. Samurai warriors had two elements to performing their best. They trained very hard but they are preparing themselves for the worst. This will give you happiness.
  • The sixth one is to listen to sad songs. They provide emotional release. Listening to sad songs can lead you to emotional effects such as regulations of negative emotions and mood as well as consolation.
  • The seventh one is spending money on life experience rather than material things. This will lead you to happiness.
  • The eighth one is to set a tiny attainable goal. If you set a tiny but attainable goal will give you satisfaction and happiness.
  • The ninth one suddenly has some funny jokes. Have interacted with funny people around. For a moment they will give you happiness by their funny jokes.
  • The last one is having meaningful conversations with positive people. This means a lot to your happiness. A positive conversation is always good for a happy life.


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