If at all nature had a voice, firstly would you be able to hear it?

Mother nature is almost around four and a half billion years old, human beings are a part of nature, it doesn’t need humans to take care, but it takes care of herself. On the contrary human beings are totally dependent on nature. The growing population determines the future of nature. Nature goes on no matter what comes or goes, every day there will be a sunrise and a sunset, it will keep evolving. Even though nature is not dependent on humans, there are things she would have wanted to tell us. One of the things nature wants from us is to not litter or damage any of its resources. We have to let nature breathe and let it evolve on its own. Nature is god’s most precious gift to mankind. Nature is kind to human beings and provides all her resources, and we should be considerate of her gifts to us. If nature ever wished to talk to us nature would beg us to respect her. Nature would try to show you the most affected parts of her because of human being’s selfishness and carelessness.

 Nature is facing so many problems lately, wildfires, destroying it’s good drinking water with all the harmful chemicals in it, the corona pandemic, melting glaciers at the poles, and many more. Human beings should worship mother nature as a real mother. She would tell us to keep the surroundings and the environment clean, keep yourself clean as well. She’ll tell us to stop messing up with her reservoirs and keep them secured.

In the end, we can say nature always heals itself, so just help to ease the process by not messing with the system of nature s that nature can serve you better.

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