What is love?

Is I love pizza! And I love him/her Same?

Love can be defined in many ways. There are many ways to address love, love can be either an intense feeling of affection towards someone/something or it can be a strong feeling of affection affiliated with sexual attraction or great interest or pleasure in something. Love is a willingness to prioritize certain things above your priority. Love involves extreme feelings of attachment and affection towards something or someone who is respected very much. Philosophers, theologians have always thought of love. We use the word “love” for so many emotions.

There are many types of love but here are 4 types of love you should know about-

  • Eros-

This type of love indicates erotic or sexual or passionate love, we all must have come along this type of love in our life. This type of love if about wanting a person sexually as well as passionately. This type of love can cause great joy as well as destruction, it isn’t always preferred.

  • Philia-

This type of love indicates love for friends or siblings or equals. Philia is also called as brotherly love. This type of love is good for health, lowest blood pressure. Philia love has many positive consequences and hence loving friendships makes us more reliable during the hard times of life.

  • Storge- 

This kind of love indicates the love of parents towards the children. This is the purest form of love, and the most valuable. In this kind of love, the least attention is given to the person worthy of it. Storge Love is genetically programmed and concreted compared to the other types of love which may be temporary.

  • Agape-

This type of love indicates the love for mankind, the creation of human beings, god, etc this kind of love is important in the process of forgiveness. Forgiveness is important to mankind so this love is also important in life.

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